Karkalou, Dimitsana, Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece

224.8 km from Athens Int. Airport
136.9 km from Kalamata's Airport



Horse Ride

In Elati, a small village near Vytina, you may offer yourself a nice ride with horses in the nature of Arcadia and get an unforgettable lifetime memory with you at

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Visit the Lousios River

Be adventurous! Visit the Lousios River. Lousios is about 23 kilometers in length. Our myths and traditions say that its name comes from the waters that the 3 Nymfes (Neda,

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Menalon Ski Center

Do not forget to visit the Menalon Ski Center, which is really close to Vytina and the villages around and feel the refreshing atmosphere of the white mountains, ski around

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